Student Council


Exam planning

We make sure that you have enough time to prepare and that you do not write more than one exam a day. If you notice any discrepancies, please send us an email. We will then check our options and try to find an alternative date. However, we ask you to observe the following general conditions:

• Unfortunately, no consideration can be given to problems with elective subjects. Especially in the Master’s programmes, the possible combinations are so large that it is simply no longer possible to coordinate examination dates without overlaps.

• Examinations can only be rescheduled if the examinations are scheduled in the same semester according to the study plan. Here, too, consideration of the re-sit dates would go beyond the organisational scope.

Exam collection

Do you need old exams and memory protocols to prepare for an exam? We have an extensive collection of such documents that are not available in the DDD. You can easily borrow them from the FSR office with your FSR-MB-Card. Feel free to drop by the FSR office during our office hours!

Orientation Unit (OU)

You are new at the TUHH? We organise a whole range of different events for you to make your start at university easier.

Learning weekends

Whether it’s mathematics, MATLAB or Inventor – we’ll get you ready for the next exam and the next construction project! Simply register in good time for our learning weekends.

Contact to the professor

You have a problem with a professor, tutor or tutorial leader? We can help you resolve differences and clear up misunderstandings.

Course content, structure and organisation

Do you want to shorten a group exercise or cancel a midterm? We will make sure that your interests are not ignored in matters of content, structure and organisation and that financial resources are used correctly.

Company contacts

Are you looking for an internship or would you like to know what career prospects are available to you as a future engineer? We regularly organise excursions and company contact evenings that provide you with interesting insights and where you can make valuable contacts. A company contact list in our FSR office will also help you find a suitable internship.


Of course, we don’t want to miss out on the celebrations either! Whether barbecues, St. Nicholas parties or information events – we look forward to seeing you!


Would you also like a stylish MB jumper in the new design? We have a large selection of jumpers, T-shirts and many other merchandise items in our new MB design, which we will be happy to order for you.

Legal support

You forgot to register for an exam, had to write an exam under difficult conditions or have problems with the recognition of exam results? We can help you with all your legal questions and give you tips on how to proceed and who to contact.

Whenever you have questions or problems, or want to praise or make suggestions, we as your student council are there to help you.