Here you can find some tips on how to get an internship. Of course, we are also available for further help.

In our office you will find a detailed version of the company contact list with lots of information about companies that offer internships, the type of internships and direct contact persons. Just drop by our office during our opening hours.
The easiest way is to look for a suitable internship near your place of residence so that you don’t have to travel far unnecessarily.
You can also find other companies in the Yellow Pages under mechanical engineering, plant construction, steel construction, foundry and similar. Alternatively, you can also search for these keywords on the internet.
You should call every company first and ask whether an internship is possible there. That way you can save yourself a lot of letters of application and make the first contacts through a first direct conversation – this has a more personal effect than a simple cover letter and shows the will of the person looking!
If you want to do an internship at a large and well-known company such as Lufthansa, EADS or Daimler Chrysler: these companies have an insane amount of requests of this kind to process. The rule here is to send in your application at least 3-4 months, if not half a year, before you plan to start your internship!
The Student Council for Mechanical Engineering is your contact if you have any questions about the internship. If we are also at a loss, the Internship Office is the right contact.