University Policy


1st main representative: Björn Wohltmann, 1st deputy: Joana Stein
2nd main representative: Henrik Schwägermann, 2nd deputy: Carlotte Stein

The StuPa (student parliament) meets every fortnight during the semester and every four weeks during the lecture period.
The presidium currently consists of Nikolas Winter (president), Marie Kopietzki (vice-president) and Janine Berg (secretary),


Main representative: Vincent Pöppelmann (Shipbuilding)
1st deputy: Moritz Elsaßer, 2nd deputy: Christopher Hanson

The SDA-M (Mechanical Engineering Dean of Studies Committee) meets once a month.
The current Dean of Studies is Professor Friedrich Wirz, the Deputy Dean is Professor Thorsten Kern.

The student parliament is the highest representative body of the TUHH students. Its 25 members are elected either directly through lists (13 members) or indirectly through the FSRe (12 members). The StuPa primarily deals with issues that affect all TUHH students and sets guidelines for other bodies. For example, the StuPa decides the budget of the student body and elects the members of the AStA.

The StuPa normally meets every fortnight during the semester (or about every four weeks during the semester break). The meetings are open to the public, i.e. anyone can go to the meetings.

Our representatives in the StuPa are currently Björn, Joana, Henrik and Charlotte. (as of 02.10.2022)